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    NOTE: There are no standard definitions for position titles in the industry. Our position descriptions are intended to be all encompassing. The more specific the position description, the less applicable it becomes to all participating practices and influences the amount of data reported. Please read the description and select the position title that most closely reflects the responsibilities of the employee.

    Business Office Supervisor

    • Responsible for supervising and coordinating activities of the business office;
    • This position may be implemented in a multiple clinic setting; and
    • Supervises assigned business office staff.

    Clinic Supervisor

    • Exercises supervision over assigned staff; and
    • Responsible for supervising and coordinating day to day activities of the clinic.

    EEG Lab Supervisor

    • Responsible for the operation of the EEG (electroencephalography) lab, evoked potential lab, and all-night sleep lab; and
    • Supervises, plans, and reviews the work of the technical staff and performs their duties when required.

    EKG Lab Supervisor

    • Responsible for the supervision of all electrocardiography (EKG) lab personnel; and
    • Proficient in the use of EKG machines, Holter monitor scanners, treadmill equipment, and heart station computers.

    Front Office Supervisor

    • Responsible for supervising the front office;
    • Maintains and coordinates the policies and procedures; and
    • Responsible for training and daily activities of front office staff.

    Housekeeping Supervisor

    • Directs and administers the housekeeping program;
    • Establishes and maintains standards, work procedures, schedules, training and supervision for the housekeeping staff; and
    • Interviews, hires, and terminates housekeeping personnel.

    Lab Section Supervisor

    • Assigns, coordinates, supervises, and evaluates individual categories of procedures as well as the personnel assigned to a specific section in the lab.

    Nursing Supervisor

    • Supervises nursing staff;
    • Splits time between patient care and supervision of staff; and
    • Responsibilities are more limited than the nursing manager.

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