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    NOTE: There are no standard definitions for position titles in the industry. Our position descriptions are intended to be all encompassing. The more specific the position description, the less applicable it becomes to all participating practices and influences the amount of data reported. Please read the description and select the position title that most closely reflects the responsibilities of the employee.


    • Performs tasks related to bookkeeping and standard accounting functions;
    • Accountable for completing journal entries and reconciling balance sheet accounts; and
    • Prepares statements and reports relating to assigned areas of responsibility.

    Authorization Specialist

    • Ensures payment for services by verifying benefits with insurance providers;
    • Obtains, reviews and submits insurance authorizations and referrals prior to patient services; and
    • Monitors and tracks patient authorizations.

    Benefits/Payroll Specialist

    • Oversees the entire payroll system, which includes implementing and converting the payroll system for newly acquired sites;
    • Recommends policies and standards that pertain to payroll activities; and
    • Responsible for the accuracy of the payroll system.

    Billing Specialist

    • Responsible for collecting, posting and managing account payments; and
    • Responsible for submitting claims and following up with insurance companies.

    Clinical Documentation Specialist

    • Maintains proper records keeping;
    • Ensures all patient documents and records are maintained in accordance with legal guidelines;
    • Works with clinical staff to obtain information for patient records; and
    • Reviews accuracy, quality and completeness of clinical records.

    Coding Specialist

    • Maintains procedure code master file;
    • Reviews reimbursement from third-party payers;
    • Maintains diagnosis code master files;
    • Audits, corrects patient demographic information and total charges; and
    • Works to resolve coding issues and maintains fee schedules for Medicare, fee for service, health maintenance organizations.

    Credentialing Specialist

    • Provides support to medical credentialing functions within the appointment and evaluation process of physicians and healthcare professionals;
    • Receives and reviews applications for all required legal and organization documentation; and
    • Reviews privilege requests.

    Human Resources Specialist

    • Provides support for various human resources (HR) employee programs;
    • Develops, monitors, and maintains HR documents and databases;
    • Interprets labor laws and administers them accordingly; and
    • Supports hiring process by placing employment ads, screening applicants, scheduling interviews and other duties as needed.

    IT Implementation Specialist

    • Responsible for the EHR program from implementation to daily operations;
    • Manages internal EHR and IT projects;
    • Acts as liaison between management and IT department to enhance workflow and meet systems requirements; and
    • Duties include training, development, support, and upgrading of the EHR system.

    Marketing/Communications Specialist

    • In some organizations, this person may be known as the “Public Relations Manager” and may report to the top marketing and sales position;
    • Represents the organization at all media and other public relations events; and
    • May oversee the activities of public relations/communications staff.


    • Works with human resources staff to develop and execute recruiting plans;
    • Drives and manages the recruiting process for both hiring managers and applicants; and
    • Networks through industry contacts, association memberships, trade groups, and employees.

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