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    In medical practice management, human resource management requires demonstrating effective staffing strategy, recruitment and retention, training, a performance evaluation process, a personal commitment to enhancing your knowledge base, and compliance with employment law.

    Human resource management performance objectives include:

    Staffing plans

    • Establish a job classification system that includes position analysis, job descriptions and working conditions.
    • Identify the skills required of competent nonclinical and clinical staff.
    • Perform an interview and give reasons for the decision.
    • Explain why pre-employment screening, background, criminal and reference checks are vital to the selection process.

    Clinical and nonclinical staff retention

    • Describe a process to assess and manage employee motivation and teamwork to obtain high performance.
    • Develop a strategy to reduce employee turnover.
    • Create an employee satisfaction survey that measures employee engagement and creates opportunities to enhance the workplace.
    • Explain the benefits of employee assistance programs.

    Clinical and nonclinical staff training and development

    • Discuss adult learning styles and delivery methods.
    • Illustrate a policy and procedure that promotes professional development and continuous learning among physicians and staff.

    Staff compensation and benefit plans

    • Use market benchmark data to develop a wage and salary strategy that includes merit and cost-of-living increases.
    • Explain the management of effective compensation and benefit administration.
    • Define and discuss insurance, retirement and severance benefits.

    Staff performance evaluation

    • Create a performance management review system that includes performance standards, professional development plans, goal setting, schedule for periodic reviews and evaluation tools.
    •  Develop an incentive program.

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