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    Thank you to all of our Government Affairs Council volunteers for all of your work to achieve medical practice excellence. Your work has been instrumental, federally and locally in these COVID-19 days. 

    Thank you to our volunteers of the Government Affairs Council: 

    Amanda Dennis, MS, CMPE
    Anne Zaccheo, FACMPE, MBA
    Anne Hill, MBA, FACMPE
    Christi Siedlecki, MSN, RN, FACMPE
    Eric Brodsky, FACMPE
    Gerard Filicko, MHA, CMPE
    Jennifer Souders, FACMPE
    Karen Massey, CPMSM, MHA, FACMPE
    Kevin Mulcahy, FACMPE
    Shunn Phillips
    Thalia Baker, FACMPE
    Shawntea Moheiser, CMPE, CMOM


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