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    MGMA OSHA Medical Practice Compliance: Fillable Form Book

    Form Workbook

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    Form Workbook
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    This automated eBook is designed to expedite OSHA compliance in your medical practice, generating all applicable forms in the time it takes to enter practice information (avg 10 min with collected information.)

    All medical practices must be committed to providing a safe workplace for their employees by complying with the workplace standards, rules, regulations and guidance established by the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that apply to medical practices. The MGMA OSHA Medical Practice compliance fillable form book sets forth the policies and procedures that help to ensure a safe workplace by:

    • Reducing or eliminating hazards in the practice
    • Warning employees of any existing hazards
    • Providing training to employees on how to protect against hazards
    • Ensuring the use of safe tools and equipment in the practice
    • The policies and procedures included in the toolkit are intended to:
    • Identify the employees who are responsible for the OSHA standards that apply to their workplace
    • Ensure the dissemination of information and training regarding workplace hazards that might arise within the practice
    • Inform employees of the rights and protections entitled under OSHA

    The policies and procedures in this manual cover broad categories of workplace safety as applicable to medical practices, for which OSHA has promulgated formal standards of compliance for hazard communication, blood-borne pathogens, workplace violence, ergonomics and general workplace safety.

    The manual also includes a bibliography, which provides a list of sources, resources, citations and other helpful information to supplement the information contained in the manual’s policies and procedures.


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    Please contact the MGMA Service Center toll-free at 877.ASK.MGMA (275.6462) for issues or concerns with this book

    Technical Details

    The automated eBook (fillable form book) is created using a quick and easy system that automates the creation of your manual. Once you purchase the book, it will appear on your member dashboard and you just follow the link.

    Once you click submit, MGMA will create your custom document generated with your unique practice information, ready to print. These forms are easy to use and modify, ideal for expedited modification if your practice has additional Legal or HR requirements, or immediate use if you don’t.


    • Web browser
    • A computer that can download and save a file
    • A functioning printer 


    • Your practice’s full, legal name
    • Abbreviation or simplification of your practice’s name (if applicable)
    • Street address, city, state and zip code

    Purchase of Item, the MGMA HIPAA Outpatient Practice Polices and Procedures: Medical Practice compliance Fillable Form Book, allows the purchaser to produce one instance of a multiple use/printable customized HIPAA form set per practice location. Details cannot be changed to a different location once final forms are generated.

    *The MGMA HIPAA Outpatient Practice Polices and Procedures: Medical Practice compliance Fillable Form Book is a comprehensive resource for all compliance issues in medical practices across the united states. Counsel/specialty forms for specific local laws not included.

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