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    Imagine you (or a loved one) have been hospitalized for COVID-19 and are placed in the Intensive Care Unit. After days (or weeks) of respiratory treatment, you are discharged and asked to follow up with a Pulmonologist due to decreased lung function. You identify a practice and call to make an appointment. The soonest appointment is weeks out and before you are even scheduled you must manually fax or mail your medical records from the hospital stay. This takes both time and energy, both of which you are lacking due to your recent illness. Your next option for seeing a provider requires a thirty-mile commute into one of the large metropolitan cities and fight parking, traffic, and the stress of traveling.

    Now imagine you have been hospitalized and the provider that attended to you while you were in Critical Care can also see you the same week in their outpatient practice and will have all your medical records and history without you requesting them to be sent to the practice. This business plan will show the implementation of ABC Pulmonary Specialists (known as the practice throughout this paper) into the existing health system and how we can retain the patients in our healthcare system while providing services close to home and with our continued high patient satisfaction.

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    Written By Peter Odenwald MHA, FACMPE

    Peter Odenwald MHA, FACMPE

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