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    Jennifer LaPorta
    Jennifer LaPorta, FACMPE

    What exactly is Adolescent Medicine? These are young patients who are in the middle of their healthcare growth and are starting to be exposed to different health care issues at a much younger age. Adolescent Medicine is a subspecialty that is committed in providing the right guidance to make the right decisions during the second decade of the patient’s life. It offers specially trained providers to assist teens with concerns related to their growth, lifestyle and provide preventive care. Adolescent Medicine is committed to provide high quality, comprehensive and confidential care which includes several services such as gynecology, opioid-use disorders, behavioral issues, and eating disorders. In our current healthcare environment, the adolescent patients do not have the support system needed to guide them through their adolescent years. A lot of the patients will see their Primary Care Provider (PCP) for these medical concerns. However, PCP are not specialized to handle adolescent medical concerns. In our current state Nicklaus Children’s Pediatric Specialist (NCPS)/Nicklaus Children’s Health System is the only children’s hospital that has a department specializing in Adolescent Medicine in Miami Dade (the southernmost county in the United States) offers specially trained providers that provide treatments for opioid-use disorders, eating disorders, long acting reversible contraception (LARC), and behavioral issues. We are looking to grow this department into a “One Stop Clinic” (inter-disciplinary team approach) which will include all the different medical services that an Adolescent patient may need. We are looking to focusing on the patient experience along with achieving the patient’s expectation and providing excellent care.

    The main purpose of this business plan is to show that “One Stop Clinic” (inter-disciplinary team approach) for our patients will not only be more beneficial, but also efficient and cost saving. This business plan will incorporate various subsections within Adolescent Medicine, for example, opioid-use disorders, gynecology concerns, and eating disorders.

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