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    Ed Gulko


    Director, E. Gulko Associates

    Volunteer Roles: ACMPE Exam Development Writer, Essay Grader, Back up Professional Papers Committee Team Leader, Forum Rep and Honors Selection Committee Member

    Why did you decide to get involved with MGMA? 

    I had been involved in several local hospitals (acute care) executive organizations. When I moved to the practice management side of the field, I initially did not get involved in anything. I received a flyer in the mail one day about a regional MGMA meeting being held in New Jersey. I attended the meeting out of curiosity and got hooked.

    What do you find most rewarding about volunteering for MGMA?

    The ability to give back to my profession in a meaningful way while adding to my own knowledge base. I know from my time on the Papers Committee I got more than I gave in expanding my knowledge base by reading many submissions.

    How did you decide that practice management was the career for you? 

    I have worked in healthcare since I was 14 years old. As an adult I moved from an executive position in the acute care environment in New York City to a private practice group in New Jersey and was totally blind as to how to do the job. However, I found several other administrators who were willing and able to help me get through the rough parts and transfer my skills. In doing this I realized that I enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspects of the position and the ‘rush’ of being on the pointy end of the stick. There was no longer a multi-layered bureaucracy to slow me down, inhibit my thought processes or hide behind.

    What is your favorite book or website or resource for practice managers?

    I do not have a favorite book or website. I do however try to read as much as I can and keep an eye on the MGMA website for updates and new information. I also read both leadership and historical books that provide insight into management.  One of my favorites is “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

    What is the best tip you give to people who are just starting a career in practice management?

    Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. At least until you know what is going on. I also recommend getting involved in the state MGMA organization, develop a network of peers that you can discuss issues with and never be afraid to ask a question.

    What is your top tip for maintaining work/life balance? 

    The answer to this question has evolved over the years for me. In the early career years, I could be categorized as a workaholic and it definitely impacted my life. Lately, I have realized that balance comes from being true to yourself and not taking everything over-seriously (still working on that one). Don’t be afraid to say no.

    How do you relax after a busy work week? 

    Spending time with my wife and our two dogs. Visiting friends and family, just doing things as the mood takes us and planning our next vacation.

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