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    Surviving a pandemic year was a challenge, unlike few others. For medical groups that thrived amid the uncertainty, it’s a measure of practice excellence.

    With data from across three surveys (Compensation and Production, Cost and Revenue, and Practice Operations), MGMA evaluated 4,099 organizations. Among them, 829 stand out above the rest in at least one of four categories:*

    • Operations
    • Profitability
    • Productivity
    • Value

    With this data set, it’s important to remember that these examples are the exceptions, not the rules. But if you are in a position to actively commit to advancing excellence, this data set is your North Star.

    This report, in addition to presenting industry benchmarks for successful medical groups, offers frontline insights into how many of these organizations have tackled the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to get back to focusing on exceptional business performance while still delivering high-quality care.

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    Note: The 2021 MGMA Better Performers data is based on 2020 data and reflects information throughout the start of the year and the pandemic months. The reported data is a baseline for benchmarking 2021 operations.

    * Participation across all three surveys (Compensation and Production, Cost and Revenue, and Practice Operations) is required to be considered for Better Performer status across all categories. Learn more about participating in the surveys.

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