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    MGMA DataDive All Access includes access to all our datasets, including Provider CompensationManagement and Staff CompensationCost and RevenuePractice OperationsBetter Performers, and Spotlight! This incredibly diverse and comprehensive data benchmarking suite can be accessed online from any accessible device, making it as agile as you. 

    One simple solution to any and every challenge. 

    With MGMA DataDive All Access, solutions can show up unexpectedly. It's likely that you can relate to at least one of the following: Revenue can always be better, claims could have a better approval frequency, staff and patients could both be more satisfied and reducing turnover to maintain a great and consistent team seems to always be just out of reach.  

    Multiple resources are combined into one package. 

    If you're like the average organization, you can probably relate to all of these. You want to address them but need to know where to start. Scouring multiple resources to find a benchmark for revenue only to find that you need another resource for turnover benchmarks is discouraging. MGMA DataDive All Access is the one-stop shop answer - literally.  

    The possibilities and insights are limitless with MGMA DataDive All Access. 

    Contact us by filling out the form on this page and learn more. 

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