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    One of the biggest questions for many medical group practice leaders since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and expansion of telehealth services has been: "How long is this going to last?"

    In the past two years, the rollout of effective vaccines and surge in virtual visits have not offered solid answers to that question as it pertains to both the pandemic and telemedicine.

    Amid the flurry of headlines about telehealth's rapid growth in 2020 and signs of a plateau in 2021, the pandemic continued, ebbing and flowing in case counts as variants of the coronavirus wreaked havoc around the globe.

    What we know in 2022 is that even as telehealth utilization has been on the rise again, the ability to get care from almost anywhere is a popular option for patients, and practice leaders recognize it: 7 in 10 medical practice leaders expect patient demand for telehealth to stay the same or increase in 2022

    Recognizing the important role played by telehealth services since the start of the pandemic, MGMA began work in 2020 to collect a new range of data in three of its top benchmarking surveys: Compensation and Production, Cost and Revenue, and Practice Operations.

    This report reveals key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends from that data, paired with insights from practice leaders who are preparing for another new chapter in their telehealth journeys: A post-pandemic reality where telehealth and in-person visits offer broad flexibility to patients and providers via hybrid strategies.

    Download the report (PDF)

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