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    An organization can promote and provide ACMPE credit annually for all of its education that align with the requirements for ACMPE Continuing education and as described in the organizations approved application to deliver learning to professional growth and management effectiveness. Continuing education hours are granted for programs that include relevant content aimed at improving healthcare professional competencies, medical practice management knowledge, and leadership principles. Content focused on inspirational, clinical or technical issues does not qualify.

    Organizations that offer their educational programs to members or publicly may apply to become a qualified education source. Education that is offered only for internal staff training purposes does not qualify. Applicant organizations include academia or a not-for-profit. All for-profit organizations should connect with to discuss their educational offerings and pricing to ensure there is no conflict of interest with promotion and the development of content is not in the sole interest of self-promotion. MGMA-ACMPE reserves the right to decline approval for any organization, not-for-profit or for-profit, that is deemed to be a direct competitor of MGMA-ACMPE.

    For organizations that provide joint education, the organization that has been qualified for pre-approved ACMPE continuing education must be responsible for the primary development. Pre-approval is not to be used across partners or sponsors of the approved organization. MGMA reserves the right to revoke approval of offering ACMPE CE’s for any organization for any reason.

    All external organization ACMPE credit offerings must include the following any the product page, event brochure, and marketing materials that include that ACMPE credit information.

    American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE)

    This program is approved as a learning event for ACMPE continuing education hours. A cumulative total of 50 ACMPE continuing education credit hours is among the requirements for attaining the Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) credential. To maintain CMPE or Fellow status, you must earn 50 hours of qualifying credit hours every three years.

    One ACMPE credit is earned for every 60 minutes of educational content, rounded down to the nearest 0.25.

    When an organization is first approved and an agreement is signed, for the first six months an Event Review Form must be submitted and approved 30 days before each offering of ACMPE credit to ensure the education is aligning with ACMPE qualifications. All forms may be submitted to for review, allowing 7-10 days for approval. After the first six months with consistent and appropriate use of ACMPE credit, a review of each program is no longer required. This period may reoccur in a modified manner if the end of the year reporting displays discrepancies with the ACMPE continuing education standards. Organization will be notified of any needs if this occurs.

    Events are calculated based on hour for hour, not including welcoming and closing remarks and other non-educational activities such as breaks, lunches, and networking. For each sixty minutes of content, one hour of credit can be awarded, thirty minutes is worth .5 credits, and .25 credits being the lowest increment available. Although the qualified source determines credits, members must claim credit only for activities through which they maintained or improved their professional competence. Those who participate in only part of a program must claim ACMPE credit only for the portion they attended or completed as long it is at least .25 credit worth. For university and college coursework, the calculation is the number of college credits offered multiplied by the number of weeks the course meets. Preparation time is not to be included in credit hours unless the event is a blended learning activity. Pre and post assessments are not to be included in the calculation.

    Continuing education hours are granted for programs that include relevant content aimed at improving leadership competence and healthcare management knowledge. Content summary and learning objectives must be explicitly provided in the overview of event. Content focused on inspirational, clinical or technical issues does not qualify. All event types must have a level of interactivity.


    • Blended learning programs
    • Asynchronous/On-demand
    • Live (face to face or real time interaction)
    • Learning activity (readings)


    • Post assessments are required for all learning not delivered in a live form. A live format includes:
    • Conferences, teleconferences, and live webinars with a level of interactivity.
    • Test content should be sufficiently challenging. Participant should not be able to pass the test without
    • having read the content or listened and learned from a presentation.
    • Five questions are required for any credit offered below one credit hour. Ten questions are required
    • for each requested credit hour; 15 questions are required for 1.5 credits, etc.
    • Tests questions must be submitted with the Event Review Application Form during in preliminary
    • stage.
    • All tests must be graded by the sponsoring organization. Feedback may be provided based on the
    • organization’s policy to the individual.
      • Published readings: For continuing education from reading a content piece, newsletter or magazine, there must be a minimum of ten questions for each credit hour granted.
      • Online recorded education: On-demand or recorded education must have a post assessment for credit to be awarded. Completion of the quiz does not count towards awarded time.
      • Live learning must include an element of interactivity either in discussion, live chat, or a post assessment is required for the level of interactivity.

    At the end of each agreement year, please provide reporting of events ACMPE credit was offered, how many credits offered for each, type of interactivity delivered, and attendee list. This should follow the template provided and sent to Please complete at least thirty days after end of
    agreement year.

    MGMA members claiming ACMPE continuing education credit from a qualified education source must log their hours via the ACMPE tracking system. Hours from approved organizations will count towards the MGMA requirements, including towards the 12 MGMA live hours if in a live delivery format.

    Date of completion is to be the date the event was completed. If an ACMPE participant logs an event that occurred while an organization was approved, but the organization is no longer approved, the credit listing will be reviewed before approval.

    While it is up to the member to log their hours, organizations must have record of attendees and length of attendance that may be requested in year-end reporting. All year end reporting is to be sent to 30 days prior to the end of the agreement year.

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