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    Job Title: Administrator
    Department: Administration
    Report to: Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors
    Supervises: (Insert titles of appropriate staff supervised such as managers and directors of all departments)
    Overtime Status:   ☐ Exempt    ☐ Non-exempt
    Job Summary: The Administrator is responsible for successfully managing and operating medical practices involving one or more specialty disciplines and/or clinic sites. Provides medical specialists with the resources required to meet patient needs and meet the financial objectives of the group practice. 
    In larger group practices, the Administrator is responsible for assisting the chief executive officer in planning, leading and directing day-to-day clinic operations.
    Primary Job Responsibilities: (Select and/or modify these job responsibilities for your position) 
    1. Establishes\implements goals, objectives, policies, procedures and systems for all operational areas of the clinic.
    2. Develops/implements long-range plans.
    3. Manages the daily operations while developing, monitoring, and analyzing budget and financial information cost effectively.
    4. Oversees HR and ensures effective administration/implementation of compensation, benefits, job descriptions, personnel policies and payroll practices.
    5. Participates in the selection, training and supervision of all clinic staff.
    6. Participates in staff supervision, performance evaluation, merit increases and disciplinary actions.
    7. Resolves administrative and operational problems including the maintenance of clinic property, computer systems and installed software applications.
    8. Ensures compliance with regulations and standards.
    9. Gathers and reports data for fiscal and statistical analysis.    
    10. Coordinates with medical staff to ensure quality patient care and services are provided. 
    11. Serves as a liaison between clinic and external agencies.
    12. Helps chief executive officer develop clinic strategic plans and objectives based upon identified needs of patients.
    13. Maintains the strictest confidentiality.
    14. Performs other duties as assigned.
    Education: Master's degree in health care administration, business administration, or health administration.
    Experience: Minimum seven years executive-level experience including five years of experience in the administration of a health care organization.
    Other Requirements: Licensure or ability to obtain licensure when background credentials warrant.    
    Performance Requirements:
    1. Knowledge of principles and practices of health care planning and management sufficient to manage, direct, and coordinate the operation of a health care organization.
    2. Knowledge of the purposes, organization, and policies of the community's health systems sufficient to interact with other health care providers.
    3. Knowledge of practice management computer systems and applications.
    4. Knowledge of the policies and procedures of a clinic sufficient to direct its operations and to provide effective patient care.
    5. Knowledge of government and reimbursement regulations and requirements.
    6. Knowledgeable of Medicare, Medicaid, managed care and other third party payor's guidelines.
    7. General knowledge of accounting practices and procedures.
    1. Skill in exercising a high degree of initiative, judgment, discretion, and decision-making to achieve clinic objectives.
    2. Skill in planning, organizing, delegating and supervising.
    3. Skill in leading employees to accomplish all job objectives while inspiring confidence and motivation.
    4. Skill in gathering and interpreting data, analyzing situations accurately, and taking effective action.
    5. Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with employees, policy-making bodies, third-party payers, patients, and the public.
    6. Skill in organizing work, making assignments, and achieving goals and objectives.
    7. Skill in exercising judgment and discretion in developing, applying, interpreting, and coordinating departmental policies and procedures.
    8. Skill in verbal and written communication.
    1. Ability to assume responsibility and exercise authority over assigned work functions.
    2. Ability to take initiative and to exercise independent judgment, decision-making and problem-solving expertise.
    3. Ability to establish and maintain quality control standards.
    4. Ability to foster teambuilding with all clinic staff.
    5. Ability to organize and integrate organizational priorities and deadlines.
    6. Ability to research and prepare reports or other correspondence as required.
    7. Ability to competently use Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and appropriate practice management software.
    Equipment Operated: Standard office equipment including computers, fax machines, copiers, printers, telephones, etc.
    Work Environment: Medical office, well lighted, well ventilated. Work may be stressful due to continual interaction with others. Occasional evening and weekend work.
    Physical Requirements: (Documenting physical demands and work environment conditions ensures ADA compliance.) Either go to this link to customize and insert MGMA’s ADA Matrix for this position or, modify and use this recommended statement: “Must possess the physical and mental abilities to perform the tasks normally associated with an Administrators including walking, bending, standing, reaching and sitting. 
    Salary Range:
    Disclaimer: Please note that this sample job description is intended to serve only as a guide.  It is important to note that state laws may vary regarding requirements concerning scope of practice, care, and/or service across different settings.  Prior to using this document, you should consult the appropriate state agency for any applicable state rules and regulations.

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