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    Job Title: Nurse Practitioner
    Department: Nursing
    Reports To: Clinical Services Manager or Director of Nursing
    Supervisors: (Insert titles of appropriate staff supervised such as RNs, LPNs, and/or medical assistants, depending on departmental organization)
    Overtime Status:   ☐ Exempt    ☐ Non-exempt
    Job Summary: This position is responsible for providing primary care services, including assessing, diagnosing, prescribing, treating, and educating patients. Works closely with physicians and other clinicians in a team approach to patient care. May specialize in a specific type of clinical care, e.g., pediatrics, geriatrics.
    Primary Job Responsibilities: (Select and/or modify these job responsibilities for your position) 
    1. Assesses patient status by obtaining health history through patient/family interviews and chart reviews; assessing/presenting illness, risk factors, family history, psychosocial situation, and cultural factors; and performing appropriate physical examination.
    2. Orders/performs appropriate laboratory diagnostic and other screening tests. Seeks other information as needed, including consultation with physicians and other clinicians, for evaluation of illness.
    3. Integrates data to determine diagnosis and therapeutic plan, including identification of any health risks.
    4. Develops and implements treatment plan by prescribing/dispensing medications and/or injections in compliance with medical practice guidelines and state laws. Handles minor lacerations.
    5. Instructs patient/family regarding medications and treatments. Educates patients regarding health promotion/illness prevention. Recommends appropriate community resources to meet patient/family needs.
    6. Communicates appropriate case management information to other professionals and community agencies.
    7. Prepares documentation for medical records including updating patient medical chart by posting examination and test results, diagnosis, medications, and treatment in written/computerized manner.
    8. Participates in peer reviews, chart reviews, staff education, clinical guideline development, and other continuing education and quality assurance activities to demonstrate compliance with standards, regulations, policies, and procedures.
    9. Acts as consultant/collaborator to clinical team on area of specialty. Complies with patient confidentiality requirements. Promotes patient advocacy.
    10. Collaborates with physicians in managing acute and long-term medical needs of patient. Provides monitoring and continuity of care between visits according to treatment plan including triaging patient calls/e-mails.
    11. Collaborates with multidisciplinary team members by making appropriate referrals.
    12. Performs other duties as assigned.
    Education: BSN required, MSN preferred. Successful completion of advanced practitioner training and certification as a practitioner (general or specialized) from an approved nurse practitioner program.
    Experience: Minimum three years of professional nursing experience in a clinic setting, plus two years of nurse practitioner experience.
    Other Requirements:
    • Current state registered nurse license.
    • Current state license as an advanced registered nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority.
    • Current CPR certification.
    Performance Requirements:
    1. Knowledge of advanced practice of nursing including medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and therapeutics, basic nutrition, behavioral factors, psychosocial/family systems, diagnostic testing, interpretation of results and clinical decision making, alternative treatment modalities.
    2. Knowledge of professional nursing theory, practices and regulations related to evaluating and providing patient care, and professional ethics related to the delivery of nursing care.
    3. Knowledge of medical equipment and instruments used to administer patient care.
    4. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish/maintain a safe work environment.
    5. Knowledge of health promotion, health risk identification, and patient education principles and techniques.
    6. Knowledge of community, professional, and educational resources.
    7. Knowledge of practice management systems including electronic health record systems (EHRs).
    1. Skill in oral and written communication; interviewing to gather medical histories; providing presentations, consultations, facilitation, and documentation, e.g., writing medical orders, patient education materials, and medical record updates.
    2. Skill in case management, time management, problem solving, crisis intervention, multitasking, and other organizational matters.
    3. Skill in modifying methods and techniques of professional nursing to provide appropriate nursing care and in initiating appropriate emergency response and investigatory procedures.
    1. Ability to analyze complex data and draw conclusions.
    2. Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures.
    3. Ability to establish/maintain effective working relationships with patients, clinical staff, and the public.
    4. Ability to competently use Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and appropriate practice management software.
    Equipment Operated: Standard medical examination room equipment and instruments. Using computer/health information management system.
    Work Environment: Combination of exam rooms and medical offices. Frequent exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, ionizing radiation, medicinal preparations, and other conditions common to a clinic environment.
    Physical Requirements: (Documenting physical demands and work environment conditions ensures ADA compliance.) Either go to this link to customize and insert MGMA’s ADA Matrix for this position or, modify and use this recommended statement: “Must possess the physical and mental abilities to perform the tasks normally associated with a Nurse Practitioner such as standing and walking for extensive periods of time. Lifts and carries items weighing up to 10 lbs., occasionally lifts or moves up to 100 lbs. Requires correct vision and hearing to normal range. Requires working under stress in emergency situations and occasionally may involve irregular working hours.
    Salary Range:
    Disclaimer: Please note that this sample job description is intended to serve only as a guide.  It is important to note that state laws may vary regarding requirements concerning scope of practice, care, and/or service across different settings.  Prior to using this document, you should consult the appropriate state agency for any applicable state rules and regulations.

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