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    The Simple Guide to Clinical Hiring


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    There are key market drivers that are creating challenges for medical practices. These include a changing regulatory environment, reimbursement challenges, larger consumer payments with decreasing margins for medical practices and patients recognizing that they have a voice in their care. Patients have higher expectations and expect more from their clinical providers. This affects the medical practice at almost every entry and care point.

    Your clinical staff is pivotal in working with your patients and physicians.  It’s also incredibly important to place the right level of staff for risk reduction and quality outcomes.  Recruiting and hiring staff is not something the practice does on a regular basis.  But when the need arises, having a step by step resource with the information you need in one place, will make some of these decisions less difficult. 

    This Simple Guide is focused on clinical positions, from nursing to technicians and other ancillary staff, and is one in a series of hiring guides. Use this guide to:
    • Identify necessary subjective skills, such as empathy, that are balanced with good clinical practices  
    • Analyze tactical job descriptions, to ensure the candidate is reasonably focused on their core duties, working to the top of their license
    • Implement interview basics with sample behavior- based questions that will provide insight to future performance
    • Access immediate resources such as simple forms and templates that can be personalized for your practice

    This is written for anyone who has a hand in the hiring and recruitment process. Use it as a valued resource for direction and support for placing and retaining great staff.
    Table of Contents

    Purpose of the Hiring Guide

    Analyzing Medical Practice Staffing.

    Clinical Roles within the Medical Practice

    Preparing the Job Description

    The Recruitment Process Reconsidered

    Designing a Hiring Process


    Appendix A Job Descriptions

    Appendix B: Sample Interview Questions

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