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    Staffing the Medical Practice


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    Sweeping changes in healthcare directly impact the staffing model of today’s medical practices. We must staff new patient access channels and new value-based care models. Staff must be deployed to meet the needs of individual patients and the broader patient population. They must master new technologies and learn new knowledge and skills. We must create care teams that seamlessly work together, innovate and engage patients in their health. 

    This book presents critical tools and strategies to help you: 

    • Determine if you have the right number and skill mix of staff on your care team 
    • Build the optimal staffing model for key patient flows and administrative processes in your practice 
    • Create new staffing roles to deliver value-based care and manage population health 
    • Redesign work to deliver stellar patient experience and value 
    • Create flexible staffing models via teleworkers and part-time staff 
    • Create and retain a high-performing care team 

    Table of Contents

    Part 1 

    Importance of Correctly Staffing the Medical Practice

    Chapter 1 
    Impact of Staffing on the Medical Practice ​
    • Positive Effects of Appropriate Staffing
    • Negative Effects of Inappropriate Staffing
    • Consequences of Inappropriate Skill Mix
    • Driving Forces for Staffing Innovation
    Chapter 2
    How Staffing Affects Practice Productivity and Performance
    • Staffing by Specialty
    • The Bell-Shaped Staffing Curve
    • Staffing Variation Based on Practice Ownership
    • The Relationship between Staffing and Productivity
    • The Relationship between Staffing and Profitability
    • Staffing in Better-Performing Practices

    Part 2 

    How to Identify the Right Number and Skill Mix of Staff

    Chapter 3 
    Staff Benchmarking
    • Staff Benchmark Data
    • Benchmark Limitations
    • Basic Approach to Staff Benchmarking
    • Benchmarking Staff Costs
    Chapter 4 
    Staff Productivity
    • Staffing for the Work
    • Expected Staff Productivity for Key Work Functions
    • Limitations of Staff Workload Ranges
    • How to Interpret Staff Workload Range Data
    • Basic Approach to Staff Productivity Analysis
    • How to Use Productivity Data to Identify Staff Resource Needs
    • How to Use Productivity Data to Prevent Work Bottlenecks
    • How to Use Predictive Analytics to Evaluate Staff Productivity

    Part 3 

    How to Staff Key Patient Flow and Business Processes

    Chapter 5 
    Staffing Communications
    • Importance of Communications Management
    • Traditional Communications Process
    • Performance Expectations for Communications Management
    • Building the Staffing Model for Communications
    • Innovative Staffing Strategies for Communications
    • Key Questions to Address
    Chapter 6 
    Staffing the Front Office
    • Key Front Office Work Functions
    • Front Office Performance Expectations
    • Building the Front Office Staffing Model
    • Innovative Staffing Strategies for the Front Office
    • Key Questions to Address
    Chapter 7 
    Staffing the Encounter
    • Key Clinical Support Staff Work Functions
    • Building a Clinical Support Staff Model
    • Innovative Staffing Strategies for Clinical Support
    • Changing Roles of Clinical Support Staff
    • Key Questions to Address
    Chapter 8 
    Staffing the Business Office
    • Key Business Office Work Functions
    • Building the Staffing Model for the Business Office
    • Innovative Staffing Strategies for the Business Office
    • Staffing for Consumer-directed Health Plans
    • Staffing for Value-Based Reimbursement
    • Key Questions to Address
    Chapter 9 
    Staffing for Value-Based Care
    • Example of Value-Based Care
    • Value-Based Care Delivery Models
    • Staffing Strategies for Value-based Care
    • The Value-Based Care Team
    • Key Questions to Address

    Part 4 

    How to Optimize Your Staffing Deployment Model

    Chapter 10 
    Staffing Deployment Models
    • What is a Staffing Deployment Model?
    • How to Analyze Your Staffing Model
    • Drawbacks of Traditional Staffing Models
    Chapter 11 
    Teleworking and Flexible Staffing
    • Teleworkers
    • Part-Time / Per-Diem Staff
    • Contract Workers
    • Staffing to Meet Fluctuating Work Volume
    • Staffing to Optimize Facility Utilization
    • Work Segmentation Strategies
    • Work Extension Strategies
    • Work Rotation Strategies

    Part 5 

    How to Create a High-Performing Care Team

    Chapter 12 
    High-Performing Care Teams
    • What is a High-Performing Care Team?
    • The “Care” in Care Teams
    • Creating a High-Performing Care Team
    Chapter 13 
    Staff Recruitment, Retention and Talent Management
    • Staff Recruitment Strategies
    • Staff Retention Strategies
    • Talent Management

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