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    Physician Contract Guidebook


    ISBN: 9781568294353

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    ISBN#: 9781568294353

    Whether dealing with a partner, employee, medical facility or resident relationship, physician contracts are complex and have many important provisions and legal nuances.

    This book provides a practical, easy-to-understand approach to creating successful and binding physician contracts based on legal theory, case law, medical literature and management techniques.

    In addition to providing an overview of the legal basics, the book covers issues such as retention, discipline, termination and non-compete clauses.

    This useful resource includes case studies, templates and samples for:

    • Physician services contracts
    • Physician compensation
    • Physician independent contractor agreements
    • Physician partnership agreements
    • Physician employment agreements
    • Hospitalist employment agreements
    • General office-based physician agreements
    • Specialty practice employment agreements
    • Resident education, training and employment agreements

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1 – Overview

    Chapter 2 – Legal Basics and Contract Overview

    • Contract Basics
    • Contract Law
    • Contract Language
    • Contract Provisions


    Chapter 3 – Contract Issues

    • Termination
    • Hospital Consolidation
    • Post-Employment Relationship
    • Non-Compete Provision
    • Restrictive Covenant
    • Covenant Not to Compete
    • Non-Compete Clause
    • Non-Interference Clause
    • Contract Loss
    • Management Issues
    • Management Models
    • Job Satisfaction
    • Disruptive Physician Behavior


    Chapter 4 – Contract Framework

    • Independent Contractor
    • Partnership
    • Employee


    Chapter 5 – Contract Analysis

    Chapter 6 – Effect of Specialty on Contracts

    Chapter 7 – Resident Training and Education Contracts

    • General Terms
    • Facility or Program Responsibilities
    • Resident Physician Responsibilities
    • Resident Compensation and Benefits
    • Legal Standards


    Chapter 8 – Legal Recommendations

    • Ten Biggest Legal Mistakes
    • Twelve Rules of Contracts


    Chapter 9 – Cases and Controversy

    • Wrongful Termination Allegation
    • Termination With or Without Cause
    • Covenant Not to Compete
    • Employment Relationship
    • Independent Contractor
    • Corporate Practice of Medicine
    • False Claims Act
    • Contract Loss
    • Discrimination
    • Academic Dispute
    • Compensation Dispute



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