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    Even Better Data, Better Decisions: Advanced Business Intelligence for Medical Practices

    Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, FACMPE


    ISBN: 978-1-56829-544-2

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    What information do you need to see to drive growth and improve the bottom line in your practice? Identifying right information to be delivered at the right time to the right people can be a game changer for the performance of medical practices. 

    Business intelligence (BI) is not just a fancy name applied to the same old canned reports from disparate data sources. BI, when done correctly, drives practice performance. It delivers mission-critical data exactly when it is needed without manual sorting through pages and pages and columns and columns of data. True BI combines data from two or more discrete datasets to provide a more dimensional view of the data. For instance, combining upcoming appointments with historical clinical data or front desk collections with staffing data produces reports that can offer guidance to support real-time decisions and actions. This book is full of techniques to combine data to deliver actionable insights and drive performance that can be applied to each unique practice situation. The results lead to a more efficient, profitable, flexible, and responsive medical practice that delivers higher quality patient care. 


    • Design more efficient staff models 

    • Predict gaps in provider schedules 
    • Track and diagnose common errors for denied claims 
    • Optimize referral patterns 
    • Track delinquent patient payment 
    • Monitor Medicare quality codes 
    • And much more 

    Table of Contents


    • CHAPTER 1 - Getting Started
    • CHAPTER 2 - Communicating Your Business Intelligence Vision 
    • CHAPTER 3 - Business Intelligence Tools 
    • CHAPTER 4 - Payer Contracting 
    • CHAPTER 5 - Attracting Patients 
    • CHAPTER 6 - Seeing and Managing the Future by Analyzing Appointments 
    • CHAPTER 7 - Measuring Productivity 
    • CHAPTER 8 - Don’t Tell the Boss How Easy This Is: Automating Recurring Reports 
    • CHAPTER 9 - Business Intelligence with Clinical and EHR Data 
    • CHAPTER 10 - Coping with Compliance 
    • CHAPTER 11 - Dashboards 
    • CHAPTER 12 - Business Intelligence in Your Practice 2
    • Appendix 1 
    • Appendix 2 
    • Index 

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    Nate is once again on the cutting edge of the healthcare technology curve. The truth is, MS Excel can’t handle the new stream of big data and Access lacks the power and processing speed. SQL is the perfect solution as it combines the ability to manage massive databases with built-in mathematical and statistical formulae to make it through any analysis. And when it comes to business intelligence and the creation of custom reports and dashboards, SQL is the only game in town. Kudos to Nate for bringing his knowledge and experience as a SQL programmer to the forefront. This book is not just for data analysts and scientists, but for anyone in leadership that needs to take their business intelligence up to the next level.

    Frank Cohen, MBB, MPA
    Director, Analytics

    Nate’s experience as a practice administrator, expertise in Microsoft Excel and SQL Server technology and his passion to share his knowledge with the industry makes him an invaluable resource to MGMA’s members. His newest book provides a road map to implement automated reporting to achieve next generation of business intelligence in medical practices.

    Todd Evenson, MBA
    Chief Operating Officer

    Nate Moore’s best-selling, Better Data, Better Decisions, just got turbocharged with new updated information to give medical practice executives more of the tools and resources they need to manage with data in this turbulent environment. Nate’s new edition – Even Better Data, Better Decisions: Advanced Business Intelligence for Medical Practices, leverages his expertise and experience to present more real-world solutions to the problems, shortfalls and glitches that can plague attempts to manage vital information with systems that lack reporting or which necessitate trained data techs just to generate standard reports. Moore not only provides you with an array of tools to translate data into business intelligence, he gives you a road map for integrating this new approach into your practice. Data is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ in medical practice management; it’s how you manage. Pulling, manipulating and analyzing data about your medical practice becomes a reality using Nate Moore’s principles. If you want to manage a medical practice today’s climate, you need this book.

    Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

    Nate Moore

    Written By

    Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, FACMPE

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