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    Davis Balestracci, MD, MPP, FRCP

    About Davis Balestracci, MD, MPP, FRCP

    Davis Balestracci, M.S. statistics, is well known for delivering his message of “data sanity” through an internationally acclaimed passionate, provocative, challenging, yet humorous and down-to-earth public speaking style. More than one “math phobe” has thanked him for a statistical approach that neither bores nor tortures them, claiming: “Wow&hhellip;I FINALLY get it!” People also appreciate his acute awareness of the daily realities of improvement practitioners. Despite the analytical nature of a degree in statistics, he describes himself as a “right-brained” statistician – he is a pipe organist and has also done graduate work in orchestral and choral conducting. Since 2005, Mr. Balestracci has been a regular contributor to Quality Digest on applying statistical methods to everyday work, facilitating cultural resistance, and educating organizational culture. His book Data Sanity: A Quantum Leap to Unprecedented Results (with a Foreword by Dr. Donald Berwick), now in its second edition, is a unique synthesis of W. Edwards Deming’s teachings into an improvement-based leadership philosophy designed to transform organizations.

    Content by Davis Balestracci, MD, MPP, FRCP
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