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    Colleen Luckett
    Colleen Luckett, MA

    Earlier this year DDI World, a global leadership development and human resources consulting firm, released its 2023 Global Leadership Forecast, which revealed the largest drop in leadership confidence in a decade. The study showed that only 40% of leaders indicated their company employed leaders of high quality, a decline of 17% from a mere two years ago. The study went on to highlight two reasons for the decline:

    1. Lack of trust of the current leadership
    2. Lack of purpose and meaning in leadership work.

    That same research revealed that one of the biggest challenges is employee engagement in the wake of the Great Resignation. The forecast showed that more that 55% of CEOs indicated that employee recruitment and retainment is a key challenge.

    The staffing pain points are evident within healthcare: A July 21, 2023, MGMA Stat poll found that only 30% of medical groups reported an increase in their ratio of support staff to full-time physicians, while 40% reported the ratio stayed the same, and 30% had a decrease in support staff.

    The labor pains in recent years rank up there with inflation — increasing profitability and reducing costs — as well as patient retention and growth. So, how does a medical practice leader prioritize so many competing challenges? Attending the 2023 Leaders Conference in Nashville might be a good place to start, especially during the Oct. 24 session, “The 2024 Leadership Outlook: 5 Key Trends Facing Leaders.” 

    Using real stories and examples, speaker Jeff Whitehorn MBA, LFACHE, ACC, former hospital CEO for 25 years and current CEO of Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting, will identify five critical trends he believes leaders must address to achieve success heading into 2024.

    To address these top priorities, Whitehorn will go over proven action steps geared toward successful strategic planning, as well as reveal a set of proven action steps aimed at empowering leaders to effectively guide and inspire their teams.

    During this session, participants will do more than passively listen — they will have the opportunity to engage in polling, questions and answers, and discussion around what has worked in their own practices.

    Register now for the 2023 Leaders Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 22-25 to:

    • Exercise your voice and expand your professional network
    • Join peer discussions and interactive sessions that build knowledge
    • Listen to mentors on the main stage as they share invaluable guidance for the next generation
    • Engage in exclusive experiences to provide an opportunity to refresh and reflect
    • Gain access to the leading edge of what other leaders are talking about.

    We hope to see YOU in October!

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    Colleen Luckett

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    Colleen Luckett, MA

    Colleen Luckett has an extensive background in publishing, content development, and marketing communications in various industries, including healthcare, education, law, telecommunications, and energy. Midcareer, she took a break to teach English as a Second Language for four years in Japan, after which she earned her master's degree with honors in multilingual education in 2020. She now writes and edits all kinds of content at MGMA. Have an idea for an MGMA Connections article or whitepaper? E-mail her

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