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    Colleen Luckett
    Colleen Luckett, MA

    As the United States grapples with an aging population, skyrocketing medical costs and evolving patient expectations and needs, the spotlight on patient-centric care has never burned brighter. Patients are increasingly viewing healthcare through a consumer lens, expecting the same level of convenience, personalization, and service they receive in other industries.

    Meeting these expectations can be demanding for healthcare providers. On the other hand, a patient’s healthcare journey is often laden with fragmented communication that can be anywhere from incredibly frustrating to devastating, and trust has been damaged for many due to data breaches or the perceived lack of individual care from their providers.

    According to a 2023 patient experience survey, two-thirds of U.S. adults surveyed reported that dealing with healthcare is "overwhelming" and "time-consuming." The poll further found that:

    • 73% felt that the healthcare system fails to meet their needs in some way
    • 71% were concerned that the demands on healthcare providers are onerous
    • 68% were worried that healthcare workforce shortages will impact patients.

    During their session “Advancing Medical Practice Loyalty” at the 2023 Leaders Conference023, Katie Owens, MHA, CPXP, and Rob Minkes, MD, PhD, MS-LOD, of Healthcare Experience Foundation, will highlight researched key drivers of medical practice loyalty and provide strategies to expand practice leader development to address some of these crucial challenges for patient loyalty.

    Participants of this session will acquire an understanding of the skills and competencies that staff, physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) can employ to transform the patient experience. The speakers will guide attendees through actionable targets, such as these:

    The session will incorporate case studies, success determinants, and common pitfalls to avoid, and attendees will have the opportunity to engage in interactive polling and group exercises.

    From busy contact centers to the boardrooms of practice managers, from the expertise of advanced practice providers to the seasoned touch of physicians, each cog in the healthcare wheel has the potential to shape the patient journey. Attend this session to discover how the synergy between these diverse roles can encourage loyalty by vastly improving the patient experience and walk away with an action plan to do so.

    Register now for the 2023 Leaders Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 22-25 to:

    • Exercise your voice and expand your professional network
    • Join peer discussions and interactive sessions that build knowledge
    • Listen to mentors on the main stage as they share invaluable guidance for the next generation
    • Engage in exclusive experiences to provide an opportunity to refresh and reflect
    • Gain access to the leading edge of what other leaders are talking about.

    We hope to see YOU in October!


    Colleen Luckett

    Written By

    Colleen Luckett, MA

    Colleen Luckett has an extensive background in publishing, content development, and marketing communications in various industries, including healthcare, education, law, telecommunications, and energy. Midcareer, she took a break to teach English as a Second Language for four years in Japan, after which she earned her master's degree with honors in multilingual education in 2020. She now writes and edits all kinds of content at MGMA. Have an idea for an MGMA Connections article or whitepaper? E-mail her

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