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    How we communicate as medical practice leaders affects countless areas of operational and financial outcomes, including payer contract negotiations. In the face of increasing expenses, employing sharp negotiating strategies with your payer reps can be a key element of your strategy to boost the bottom line.  

    MGMA Consultant Doral Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, chief executive officer of Prosper Beyond VBC Inc., has tapped into best practices from the FBI and other experts to help you tap into your emotional intelligence skills and "inner psychologist” to reduce pain points in your next negotiation during her session at the 2023 Leaders Conference, “Negotiation Ninja Class: Lessons from the FBI and More.” 

    One area that many practice leaders need to understand is how to address the “how” of negotiations rather than just the “what,” which Jacobsen will detail through numerous case study examples of successful negotiations, ranging from small practices to clinically integrated networks (CINs) and large multispecialty clinics. 


    Attendees will get in-depth understanding of the Extended DiSC Communication Model (pictured above), which identifies four basic communication preference profiles, and then learn five key techniques that can be used in upcoming negotiations: 

    1. Elephant in the Room – addressing uncomfortable topics 
    2. Voice Training – the “dos and don’ts” to soothe and engage​ 
    3. Managing the "No” – strategies to address the “No” successfully​ 
    4. Listen and Mark – recommendations for ensuring discussions are impactful​ 
    5. Calibrated Questions – language tools to use effectively in negotiations​. 

    During the session, participants will have the opportunity to practice some of these skills and techniques in small groups. Be sure to join us in Nashville to enhance your negotiating toolkit and much more!  

    Register now for the 2023 Leaders Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 22-25 to:  

    • Exercise your voice and expand your professional network 
    • Join peer discussions and interactive sessions that build knowledge 
    • Listen to mentors on the main stage as they share invaluable guidance for the next generation 
    • Engage in exclusive experiences to provide an opportunity to refresh and reflect 
    • Gain access to the leading edge of what other leaders are talking about. 

    We hope to see YOU in October! 

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