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    Before the MGMA Data Solutions team can release each year’s datasets via MGMA DataDive, it requires working through data points on thousands upon thousands of physicians from across the country. 

    Take the example of the annual MGMA Compensation and Production Survey. The survey collects data on compensation for medical practice leadership and support staff, physician and nonphysician providers. It also benchmarks productivity by specialty, including provider collections, encounters, work RVUs and more. 

    For medical practice leaders participating in submitting this data, time is a valuable commodity.

    Ashley Voss, PMP, senior data analyst and lead analyst on the survey, said the webinar, "Best Practices for Participating in the MGMA Compensation and Production Survey," features a “step-by-step demo” with tips and tools for participating in the web-based survey. For example, administrators and others involved in filling out the survey on behalf of larger organizations can use Microsoft Excel to make uploading survey data much easier and more efficient.

    A common concern from past survey participants has been the way they submit their data, Voss said. That includes understanding the definitions for certain questions and how to access the guide for the survey to get a handle on the data being submitted.

    That is especially helpful for previous survey participants to understand what’s new in this year’s survey. Voss noted that this year’s survey tries to break down practice-level questions from provider- and staff-level questions. 

    “A lot of the demographics that used to be in the comp survey have now moved into the practice profile setting,” said Voss on the MGMA Insights podcast. “It's a one-stop shop for all their practice information, which they can go ahead and get set up now. Then they can really dive into the provider side and really focus on that and the management and staff levels, as well.”

    Whether you’re new to the survey or a longtime participant, the webinar will offer a live chat to pose questions that will be answered before the end of the session, which will then be available on demand.

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