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Understand the past and present to propel your practice into the future.

Make informed decisions for your practice through insights and benchmarks from industry-leading data analysis, reports and surveys.

MGMA DataDive Digest

The MGMA DataDive Digest has only one goal in mind: To empower the MGMA DataDive user.

From casual and new users to the data super-user, MGMA DataDive Digest offers a full range of advice to tackle a variety of challenges with industry-leading benchmark data and expert insights.

Every month, the Digest delivers the takeaways you need to positively affect your immediate or long-term organizational priorities using the deep and comprehensive data tool you already have: MGMA DataDive.

The Digest sheds more light on how to optimize and harness that data into revenue, savings, productivity, efficiency and more.

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January 2020: Provider Compensation

December 2019: Data Tools

November 2019: Productivity and Revenue