Insights: ‘Professional intimacy’ and its increasing impact on the patient experience

Podcast - August 28, 2019

Patient Flow

Patient Engagement

Practice Efficiency

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Steven Merahn, Chief Medical Officer of Centria Healthcare. He uses his extensive experience in healthcare and strategic communications to change attitudes and behavior in the industry.

Dr. Merahn shares his unique insights on:

  • Humanizing healthcare and improving the patient-provider relationship
  • Achieving “professional intimacy” and how to maintain it
  • The delicate balance between efficiency and time needed to build better patient relationships
  • The importance of a sustainable post-care relationship

Dr. Merahn can be heard speaking at MGMA19 | The Annual Conference, Oct. 13-16 in New Orleans. For more information, check out our Annual Conference blog at And, as a thank you for being a listener, you can save $200 off registration. Go to and use the code POD200 to take advantage of the savings.

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