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The humanizing effect: Changing public perception of clinicians through social media

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Within the constant stream of posts, tweets and comments on social media, individuality is often lost, particularly when one’s voice does not rise above the rest. This lack of originality and expertise makes it more difficult to forge a deep connection with an audience or individual. Such is the challenge for many clinicians, as social media can devolve into a platform for perpetuating unflattering stereotypes of doctors. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By telling their story and going the extra mile for patients, clinicians can use social media to develop and nurture meaningful connections. Considering clinicians only spend a quarter of their time meeting with patients face to face, social media can be an invaluable outlet for promoting their clinical knowledge and humanizing them. 

As Kevin Pho, MD, founder and editor of, Nashua, N.H., noted during his session at MGMA18 | The Annual Conference, time spent on other tasks has contributed to a disconnect between clinicians and their patients: “… for every hour we spend with patients, we spend 

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