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Portal to success: Improving patient access through connectedness

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When delivering quality care, continuity can go a long way in enhancing patient satisfaction. For Austin Regional Clinic (ARC), a multispecialty group with 25 locations covering more than 2,000 square miles in the Austin, Texas, area, provider-patient connectedness has been the cornerstone of its brand promise.

As Norman Chenven, MD, founder, ARC, conveyed at MGMA19 | The Operations Conference, in Austin, Texas, this promise starts with accessibility. “You want people to relate to their primary care doctor, you want them to have access to their medical records and access to you (physicians). … We consider ourselves to be on call 24/7, 365 days a year.”

In addition to being open year-round, ARC offers after-hours care, telemedicine and a patient portal to ensure connected care anytime, anywhere.

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