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Resilience: The Science and Practices for Enhancing Caregiver Well-being

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Russell J. Igoe, Jr. MBA, FACMPE
Burnout is directly linked to an impressive list of undesirable outcomes, including: lower patient satisfaction and care quality, higher medical error rates and malpractice risk, higher physician and staff turnover, physician alcohol and drug abuse and addiction, and increased rates of physician suicide.  Individual and medical group resiliency is an important issue for administrators to recognize and be knowledgeable about to successfully lead and provide necessary support for their caregivers.  This paper explores burnout’s origin, symptoms, and causes along with an exploration of resilience as a quality either possessed or learned by individuals and supported by the culture of organizations. The paper includes multiple validated methods to lower stress levels, build personal and professional resilience, and improve wellness leading to a more ideal practice.  Research included peer-reviewed articles from Harvard Business Review, Family Practice Management, Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medicine WellMD, American Academy of Family Practice, and other scholarly web sources along with a personal interview of a primary care residency program director.
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Russell J. Igoe, Jr. MBA, FACMPE

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