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Navigating a job change: 8 questions to ask yourself

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Navigating a job change can be challenging, especially when factoring in personal and professional considerations. Before you begin to look for a new job, it’s necessary to define your career goals, gauge your growth potential and determine how satisfied you are in your current position.  

Eric Schwab, MBA, FACMPE, chief executive officer, Select Specialty Hospital, Laurel Highlands, Pa., said assessing your engagement level can provide perspective as you ponder what you value. According to Schwab, you should ask yourself: “In your current position, do you have opportunities to grow professionally and financially? What’s more important to you … continuing education, additional responsibility, promotions?” Any of these factors can help keep you engaged on the job. 

Once you answer these questions and start looking for a new job, you need to take the time to research employers and keep an eye out for red flags when evaluating them. Schwab recommends asking eight key questions based on his personal experience searching for a job as a healthcare administrator. 

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