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Purchasing vs. leasing office space: Making the best decision for your practice



Strategic Planning

In this MGMA Insider podcast, we're joined by Colin Carr, CEO, Carr Healthcare Realty, who discusses the pros and cons of healthcare real estate, and what the key factors are that determine whether healthcare leaders should choose to lease, purchase or even develop the space for their office.

Carr explains how making the right real estate decision affects your current and future cash flow, taxes, and ability to transition your practice.

"If a purchase is the best choice for your practice, understanding key strategies can save you tens of thousands of dollars on your next transaction," Carr says.

In this episode, Carr provides insights to key healthcare real estate topics and transactions, including:

  • The important role real estate plays in your practice
  • The use of detailed economic analysis to decide on purchase versus lease options
  • An example of a successful negotiation strategy

Additional resource:

If you're interested in learning more about healthcare real estate strategies, or hearing Carr speak live, you can join us at MGMA's Annual Conference October 13th-16th in New Orleans. Registration is now open