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    How often have you heard someone say, “we’ve always done it that way?" The truth is, we too often depend upon traditions, emotions, politics, and anecdotes to make critically important business and management decisions.

    In this episode of MGMA Insider, Frank Cohen, MBB, MPA, Director of Analytics, Doctors Management LLC, discusses the history of critical thinking and the use of evidence in the form of data, statistics, and analysis in a medical practice.

    As Cohen explains, "Evidence-based thinking (EBT) incorporates techniques such as critical thinking, analytics, decision theory and problem-solving to improve our management skills and outcomes."

    Cohen delivered the opening keynote address on evidence-based thinking at MGMA19 | The Data Conference, Thursday, May 16 in Orlando, Florida. 

    Continue adding critical-thinking and evidence-based decisions to your day-to-day role with our resource, Don’t Do Something Just Stand There by Frank Cohen. Learn to reduce the uncertainty around the decisions you make, thereby increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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