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In today's busy healthcare landscape, finding time to research different suppliers and compare costs may seem impossible. That's why MGMA is proud to partner with MGMA BestPrice. Our handpicked GPO works with members to save money on the items they already buy and maintain their existing vendor relationships. Unlike other programs, you're free to order all the same products with the added benefit of group pricing. Click here to view a recording of MGMA's webinar How Changes in GPOs are Affecting Your Bottom Line.


Success is: Real people. Real stories. Real savings. 

Participation in the MGMA BestPrice program is a benefit of membership.  Log in or become a member today to participate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MGMA BestPrice?

MGMA BestPrice is a member benefit that connects independent physician offices and surgery centers with industry best pricing for medical and non-medical supplies. The program extends cost savings not only to the practice, but to all physician and non-physician members of the practice through its Employee Perks feature. Perks include discounts around cell phones, car rentals and office supplies.

Who can participate? 

All MGMA members are eligible to participate.

Why should I participate? 

To save money! The MGMA BestPrice program is a benefit of your MGMA membership. There is no cost to participate in the program and participants can save up to 50% on almost every non-labor component of your expense budget.

What is the cost of MGMA BestPrice? 

There is no cost – it is a FREE member benefit offered by MGMA BestPrice.

What happens after I sign-up? 

We are in contact with you to answer any questions and will ask for your medical supply distributor – in many cases we are already in-touch with them. We contact your distributor to ensure that the program is a good fit and will lower costs. If the program is not a fit, or you work with a distributor that is unable to access our costs, we will contact you with options before moving forward. You may cancel at any time. 

What if the program is not a good fit?

If the program is not a good fit, you will hear from MGMA BestPrice first, but if for any reason you decide it is not the right program, just let us know via an email to and we will respond with an email confirmation cancelling participation.

*For program assistance or if your business is located outside of the United States, please contact MGMA BestPrice support at or CALL 1.844.234.6462.