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    The country’s health problems didn’t disappear during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for thousands of medical practices nationwide, the patients needing treatment did.  

    MGMA polling through the pandemic paints a startling picture of the disruption caused by COVID-19: 

    • 97% of practices reported a drop in patient volumes by early April. 
    • Safety (87%) was the top reason patients cited for deferring care during the pandemic, followed by job/insurance loss (9%) and other issues (4%), such as elective surgery bans, visitor restrictions in clinics or noncompliance with mask/safety requirements. 

    Access the free report by completing the form on this page for an immediate download.

    Healthcare providers must understand where care gaps are growing, as new stay-home orders and other efforts intended to mitigate the spread of coronavirus complicate patient engagement strategies. 

    While the expansion of telemedicine during the pandemic has helped maintain physician-patient relationships, the needs of patients in the United States with high acuity conditions may be better met by in-person care, rather than a virtual visit. 

    This joint research report by Humana and MGMA leverages qualitative and quantitative data from medical practices across the United States to illustrate the impact of deferred care during the pandemic, and details practical steps and strategies for healthcare leaders to pursue to continue recovery and ensure patients achieve the crucial connections with physicians and providers. 

    Access the free report by completing the form on this page for an immediate download.

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