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Executive Director I

Job Title:   Executive Director I

Reports to: Board of Directors

Responsible for all administrative, financial, personnel, clerical, housekeeping and maintenance functions. Plans, and assigns duties to employees. Monitors the activities of all operating components to ensure the practice successfully meets its objectives. Keeps the Board of Directors advised and seeks assistance, and when appropriate, consent from the Board of Directors to coordinate and manage all activities of the practice.
Duties of the Position:

  1. Supervises and coordinates the activities of all practice personnel.
  2. Performs all duties necessary in a startup new privately staffed office practices; delegates as appropriate after additional staff is hired.
  3. Works with the Board of Directors to determine proper marketing strategy. Implements strategy and reviews progress.
  4. Organizes and assigns duties to employees relating to bookkeeping, payroll, collections, insurance claim filing, transcription and typing, medical records, appointment scheduling, answering the telephone, assisting the physicians in the offices and hospitals, housekeeping and maintenance.
  5. Monitors performance of practice personnel to ensure that assigned duties are completed in a timely fashion consistent with practice standards of accuracy and patient care.
  6. Revises procedures and evaluates production so as to maintain a constant work flow throughout the practice, always seeking ways to do this more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  7. Prepares and retains records, files and reports according to various governmental and practice standards. Prepares and implements a records retention and disposition program for the practice.
  8. Recruits, interviews, tests (if applicable), hires, disciplines and terminates employees. Checks references on application forms.
  9. Conducts periodic performance and salary reviews. Conducts (annual) salary surveys using local and national sources.
  10. Reviews and approves time records of all practice employees. Approves sick and emergency leave in accordance with practice policy. Schedules vacations according to practice policy and current needs. Procures coverage for absent employees as appropriate.
  11. Schedules and conducts periodic staff meetings with the employees to inform the staff of changes in practice policy and to resolve problems that are hindering operating effectiveness. Prepares an agenda for the staff meetings.
  12. Schedules policy and Board of Directors meetings for the physicians and arranges meeting place. Attends physician meetings regularly. Submits monthly reports on the status of the practice. Takes or arranges to have taken minutes of the meetings. Ensures that minutes are typed and that a permanent record is maintained.
  13. Ensures a high level of cleanliness in the practice at all times. Takes steps to ensure the physical plant is in good operating condition.
  14. Supervises the preparation of the practice payroll. Approves checks for physician’s signature.
  15. Reviews financial records prepared by billing office personnel at the end of each month’s activity. Assures that the staff makes deposits daily. Ensures all charges are posted on a timely basis.
  16. Supervises the preparation of monthly income statements and balance sheets. Prepares other financial reports for the physician(s), either on a scheduled basis or as requested. Works with the practice accounting firm and legal counsel as necessary.
  17. Reviews the entire accounting system to ensure that established procedures provide well-defined internal control standards.
  18. Works with the practice accountant(s) to prepare an operating budget. Compares actual to projected budget and advises physician(s).
  19. Reviews all invoices and statements received from vendors for payment. Checks all invoices for discounts earned. Consults with the physicians before ordering any supplies or equipment exceeding $1000 in value. Secures competitive bids for supplies and equipment when appropriate.
  20. Reviews orders for supplies, equipment, narcotics, etc., from the various employees of the practice. Orders all supplies, equipment, narcotics, etc.
  21. Becomes knowledgeable about and can explain to employees the various employment benefits, including pension and profit sharing plans, the practice has in effect, as well as the insurance plans. Assures the purchase of cost effective benefits on a regular basis.
  22. Monitors accounts receivable. Works with the collection and insurance clerk to ensure constant attention is devoted to the balances outstanding, and that steps are taken to reduce the receivables. Ensures that all insurance claims forms are kept in a current state of filing. Oversees collection work on delinquent accounts.
  23. Performs other duties as required.

Position Requirements:

  1. Graduation from a recognized college or university with a baccalaureate in Business Administration, Personnel Administration or Accounting. Post-graduate studies are desired.
  2. Four or more years of progressively responsible experience in a business office or a medical practice is desirable. Additional experience can be substituted for the post-graduate educational requirement.
  3. Possess a knowledge of accounting that allows for the preparation of balance sheets and income statements. Must also be able to prepare and monitor an operating budget. Possess a knowledge of basic systems to aid in investigating the various operating systems of the practice to ensure they are functioning in an economical and efficient manner.
  4. Possess the verbal ability to interpret and explain medical practice policy to employees.
  5. Possess the tact necessary to deal effectively with patients, third party payors, hospitals, physicians, and employees. Is able to motivate employees within the environment.
  6. Possess the ability to think clearly and to make judgmental decisions in initiating business office, marketing, and managed care related policy.
  7. Possess a knowledge of modern office equipment, systems and procedures.

Position Relationships:
Supervises through business office and clinical managers: receptionists, medical transcriptionists, insurance clerks, collections staff, bookkeeper, business assistants, secretaries, nurses, technicians. Receives supervision from the Board of Directors.
Authority Boundaries:
All major policy and operating decisions are made by the Board of Directors and carried out by the
Executive Director.


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