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State Staff

MGMA Resources

Collaboration Updates

A collection of notes from Task Force and Dual Membership meetings.

Traveling Bookstore and Exhibit Materials Information

The traveling bookstore is a display of popular titles and references from MGMA materials such as books, surveys, tutorials and marketing resources.

Government Affairs Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Showcase List

The following speakers have agreed not to charge State/Local MGMA organizations more than $4,000 for keynote/general sessions.

Permission for State Affiliates to reprint MGMA content

State MGMA organizations have the opportunity to use MGMA content for their newsletters, whether in print or electronic, and their websites.

MGMA Intellectual Property Policy

MGMA’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset. As such, MGMA spends considerable resources maintaining and protecting its intellectual property rights.

Use and distribution of the MGMA Newsletter

State MGMA affiliates have permission to provide this valuable resource to their state membership regardless of national MGMA member status.

Use and distribution of MGMA Washington Connection

The benefits and expectations of states who share this e-newsletter with state members.

State Affiliation Agreement

MGMA and its diverse state [and local] affiliates blend together in collaboration and to form a mutually dependent and mutually beneficial force.

Local Chapter Affiliation Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is to define the rights, duties and benefits of MGMA and its affiliates and their respective roles as they unite in pursuit of the mission.

Education Calendar Policy

The guidelines for notifying MGMA about state programming are outlined in the State Affiliation Agreement between state MGMAs and MGMA.

Use of the MGMA name and logo

The MGMA state and local affiliate logos are bound by the same graphic standard guidelines as the MGMA logo, which includes color, protected space, alteration, size and placement.

Principles of Alliance

A shared vision for the MGMA-State Affiliation.

List of States in each Section

A list of all the State MGMA locations within the eastern, southern, midwestern, and western sections.

Complimentary Membership for State Contact

By offering a complimentary membership to either a state staff or a state-appointed contact, MGMA and the state MGMA organizations benefit by having a point person for consistent communication.

Association Resources