Use of the MGMA name and logo


State MGMA
  • Ability to leverage MGMA’s reputation
  • Gain further exposure among state-only members and create brand consistency


State MGMA
  • Use within MGMA’s guidelines (see below), established to protect the name and logo
  • Provide name and logo guidelines and monitor state compliance


The guidelines for use of the MGMA state and local affiliate logo are outlined in the Affiliation Agreement between state/local MGMAs and MGMA. After the agreement is signed, MGMAprovides the affiliate with the MGMA Brand Guidelines and template materials. The MGMA state and local affiliate logos are bound by the same graphic standard guidelines as the MGMA logo, which includes color, protected space, alteration, size and placement. Additionally, states must adhere to the brand usage guidelines when creating an online presence (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) and use their state affiliate MGMA logo as an identifier as opposed to the MGMA logo.

MGMA will regularly review the logo usage of each state by viewing websites, available electronic documentation and, if necessary, requesting hard copies of letterhead, brochures or other available print media.


States obtain a logo package
  • Email Kiernan Henderson at khenderson@mgma.com if you do not already have these files or have any questions about logo usage.
  • Submit an email with the full organization name and include whether or not there is a signed Affiliation Agreement in place.