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Third Place State Affiliate of the Year Award Winner

MGMA is proud to announce the State Affiliate of the Year Award Winners of 2020

Third place winner: Idaho MGMA

2020 Strategic Goals

The Idaho Medical Group Management Association (IMGMA) holds a strategic planning meeting every year to identify barriers, opportunities and set strategic goals, and initially. Over the years, the Board has come to learn that setting lofty and unattainable goals was a recipe for failure. After significant turnover in previous years, we have become more mindful of expectations and work diligently to set goals that continue to improve our association and bring joy to the volunteer work our Board does. While 2020 limited some of our abilities, we also found ways to be creative and provide a meaningful year to our members. 

Attached to this narrative, you will find a list of our strategic goals, the progress which the Board made and a short summary about the progress. In this narrative, additional detail is provided about IMGMA’s strategic goals for 2020.

2020 Strategic Goals – Are they measurable?

The Board is very intentional during the strategic planning session to create measurable goals. Overall, the IMGMA 2020 strategic goals were measurable, and we believe that each year the Board learns lessons from previous years to establish goals that are not only measurable, but attainable. During each Board meeting, every goal was reviewed, progress was updated, and specific steps were discussed on how to reach the goal.  It felt like we were helping each other to accomplish the goals at each meeting, which allowed individuals to hear suggestions and execute the task they were assigned.  

2020 Strategic Goals – Why

During the strategic planning session, the Board begins the discussion with identifying challenges and opportunities. IMGMA, along with all other state associations, are dependent upon its members to make each year a success.  The Board’s focus is how to provide the best value to members so they continue to be engaged, which, in turn, will maintain and even increase our membership. 


While IMGMA saw a decline in membership in 2019, we were able to regain the majority of those numbers in 2020. The Board is aware that some of the increase and overall fluctuation is due to local health systems providing memberships for their Clinic Managers, which tends to vary year to year. An overall decline in independent practices in previous years may have impacted those numbers as well. The Board has also noticed that when a Board member is employed by one of the local health systems, they will advocate for those Clinic Managers to obtain their membership.  Obviously, it is important to have a diverse Board that is a reflection on the current healthcare landscape in our state. Again in 2020, the Membership Director created a Membership Committee to gather input from both current members and non-members on what is of value, why they are or are not members and what can be improved upon.

Oftentimes, members of an association, like IMGMA, do not know what it entails to be on the Board, so the Board was looking for simple ways to articulate the value of being an IMGMA member as well as a Board member. We will need to continue to be able to describe the benefits of being both a member of the IMGMA and a Board Member.  In 2020, we were able to encourage several new high quality Board Members to join IMGMA in key positions that had reached the end of their terms.


Providing education opportunities to our members is one of the most important offerings IMGMA offers to its members. In 2020, this was a challenge.  While we were unable to meet in person the entire year, we found that the willingness and ability of the members to access Webinars increased dramatically.  The Board was able to offer timely education sessions to the members (i.e. Payroll Protection Plan) that we believe were extremely beneficial to members.  These sessions were some of the most well attended seminars we have had compared to previous years.  Ultimately, the Board made the most out of the education opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Again, we were unable to meet in person for our conference in 2020, and while we were disappointed in not being able to share ideas with our colleagues, we were able to get together via webinar to have our annual business meeting.  We are looking forward to getting together again in 2021. While we didn’t develop our goal to secure an additional revenue source because of the cancelled meeting, the value in that source is even more important now. 


Each year the IMGMA evaluates the Board Agenda to maximize the use of the Board’s time, and to inject some of the personality of the new President.  Our agenda allows us time to reflect on what is going well in our lives, both personally and professionally, which allows each of us to learn more about each other and share in our successes. We believe developing the support of other Board members will allow us to continue to recruit high quality replacements. 

2020 Strategic Goals – Achievement


Similarly to 2019, in 2020 the Membership Director created a committee of IMGMA members with the addition of non-IMGMA members (are MGMA members), comprising of a least five members. This group met on three different occasions in 2020 to discuss various topics like; increasing membership, appealing to various groups in the Treasure Valley to encourage new members, ways to increase the offerings of IMGMA to align with the value that those MGMA only members felt there was, and additional ways to have a presence and promote outreach in the community. We quickly learned that to provide timely information to our members, particularly in the ever-changing landscape of 2020, became an invaluable service for all of our members.  Although our membership numbers have not increased back to our 2018 numbers, the lessons we learned in 2020 will help us provide value to even more members in 2021.


IMGMA would again like to look at future opportunities to share education with other states, such as Oregon, Washington, or Montana.  Obviously, these plans were adjusted in 2020 due to Covid to the extent we had planned, but we were able to offer our webinars to other states nearby, and have their members participate. We also value the CMPE initiative and were able to present the importance and the steps needed for our members to accomplish their CMPE status. In addition, one Board member has been representing Idaho for a multi-state/regional conference. IMGMA will promote to members and support the efforts because we feel it is of value and want to ensure our healthcare leaders have every opportunity to continue to learn and grow.


The 2020 IMGMA Conference was cancelled.  After much deliberation and discussion, the Board felt the right thing to do was to forgo the conference and focus on members’ safety.  We felt that the “timely” webinars we provided throughout the year gave our members the education that was important at the time.  Trying to put together a conference “virtually” with different topics simply did not seem to us to be a priority.  We did, however, have our annual busines meeting remotely and was able to communicate our financial status and introduce new Board members.


Focus on the Good: Our new Board agenda set aside the beginning of the meeting for each member to give a piece of good news, both personally and professionally.  We found that we were truly excited in each other’s success and the good things happening in our personal lives. We believe this developed a comradery for all Board members even though we unable to meet in person.

Focus on the Issue: As a Board, we were able to discuss our challenges at each board meeting and then vote on what was important to us to help resolve.  This allowed all Board members to provide input, both on the priority of the issue and how to solve them. We utilized this tactic to emphasize the importance of gaining and confirming new Board nominees for positions we needed to replace on our Board.

Secure One Additional Revenue Source

In 2019, the IMGMA Board developed a cash reserve account to ensure the financial viability of our organization.  No year was more indicative of this than 2020.  Our goal is to increase that reserve account each year with outside resources. Obviously, 2020 was a difficult year to secure outside revenue sources, but that is why we are submitting this grant request to you for this year.  Your consideration of this application can provide us with a reserve that will help bolster our reserve account and help us complete one of our goals.

2020 Strategic Goals – Lessons Learned

While typically the greatest challenge and lesson learned each year is to set goals that are reasonable and attainable, 2020 provided its own unique set of challenges.  We learned that we can continue to provide value to our members in ways that many of us hadn’t thought of as possible in the past. We learned that there is always a need to continue to educate yourself and others, and for this year, on topics that we had no idea we would have to learn and try to execute. We also learned that we can continue to evolve as a Board and utilize different tools to help Board members be successful and to encourage others to join the board.

We will continue to learn as a Board, and as an organization.  The one thing we learned this year for certain is that we can tackle just about any challenge and still be successful in our mission.

Strategic Goals


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