Use and distribution of MGMA Washington Connection


State MGMA

  • Ability to provide valuable and timely regulatory and legislative information to state members


  • Assistance with grassroots advocacy efforts
  • A vehicle for distributing national legislative and regulatory information to a broader audience



  • States may post MGMA Washington Connection to the state MGMA website. MGMA Washington Connection should be placed behind the state website member wall. States may post the entire MGMA Washington Connection or select articles without altering the text of the articles as long as the state clearly attributes the content to MGMA and includes the date of publication. For example:
    Originally published in the Jan. 3, 2016, issue of MGMA Washington Connection
    Reprinted with permission from national MGMA.
  • States may forward or email the newsletter to the state membership without altering the content of the publication or removing the MGMA attribution or branding.
  • If requested, states must inform MGMA of the method by which the state shares MGMA Washington Connection with state members and provide an example.


  • Create and distribute MGMA Washington Connection
  • Upon request, provide states with the MGMA Washington Connection banner to use when disseminating the newsletter through an email system, ensuring that the publication format and MGMA branding remains consistent when this publication is sent to state members.
MGMA Government Affairs provides MGMA Washington Connection to the MGMA membership to provide updates on legislative and regulatory issues and grassroots alerts. In order to facilitate collaborative advocacy efforts, states have permission to provide this valuable resource to their state membership regardless of MGMA member status. This policy is documented in the 2014 MGMA State Affiliation Agreement as follows: “MGMA will allow Affiliate to post the MGMA Washington Connection behind the member wall on its website and/or to forward MGMA Washington Connection to Affiliate’s members by email.”

Some links within the newsletter will send readers to information that requires a member ID and password, which will not be accessible by state-only members. To prevent confusion, states may include the following language along with the MGMA Washington Connection: “Some of the resources highlighted throughout MGMA Washington Connection require a national MGMA member ID and password. To learn more about MGMA membership, please visit mgma.com.

Direct questions about the use of the MGMA Washington Connection to the MGMA Government Affairs department at govaff@mgma.org or 202.293.3450.

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