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    Recognize, Reward and Retain Your Best Employees - on demand


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    Available Credits
    • ACMPE: 1.0000
    • CEU: 1.0000


    This webinar — recorded on April 13, 2023 — is eligible for ACMPE and CEU credit.
    Terms like “quiet quitting,” the Great Resignation, and “work your wage” are all over popular media, yet the perceived issue in healthcare is staffing shortages. What if I told you, instead of needing more people, you just need your staff to give 10% more each day or do a little better than they did the day before? In 2023, healthcare organizations continue to face declining reimbursements, increasing costs and staffing challenges. The first step is to manage the one you can control: Your labor effectiveness.
    In today’s society, everyone wants to be recognized and rewarded, and appealing to that dynamic is key to staff retention. But you need to know your top performers to know who to retain: One effective person could be doing the job of two ineffective people. How can you motivate your employees to do a little more than they think they’re capable of or even a little more than they were willing to yesterday? One method is injecting a healthy dose of competition into their daily work through gamification strategies to see who rises to the top.
    In this webinar you will learn to assess your employees’ effectiveness so you can recognize, reward and retain the best people. When your staff are motivated and happy, they will give extra every day and go above and beyond “good enough.”
    This 60-minute webinar will provide you with the knowledge to:

    • Point out effective performers for recognition and rewards
    • Prepare retention strategies to hold onto your best workers
    • Organize efforts to optimize your top performers’ productivity to help them go the extra mile

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    Continuing Education

    Delivery method: Self-Paced Study
    Learning level: Intermediate - Education that builds on a basic curriculum, designed to improve your ability to analyze and apply skills learned to a topic or knowledge area.
    Learning format: Traditional
    Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the topic or knowledge area.
    Advance preparation: None
    Duration: 60 minutes

    Claiming Credit: If you wish to claim continuing education credit, you must attend the live webinar or if you watch the recording, respond to the integrated polls in order to meet the interactivity requirement required by accrediting organizations.

    • ACMPE, medical practice administrators in certification and Fellowship through ACMPE
    • CEU, generic continuing education credit

    For detailed continuing education credit information, click here.

    Matt Seefeld

    Matt Seefeld
    EVP and Head of Effective Intelligence, MedEvolve

    Matt has over 20 years of experience in assessment, design and implementation of process improvement and technology development across the revenue cycle. He began his career as a consultant at top firms including Stockamp & Assoc., Inc. (now Huron Consulting), PWC and Deloitte.

    In 2007, he developed workflow automation and analytics solution and founded Interpoint Partners, which he sold to Streamline Health in 2011 and continued in senior executive roles.

    Today, Matt is the executive vice president and head of effective intelligence, marketing and business development at MedEvolve, where he’s been since 2017. He is also a board member and strategic advisor for several healthcare technology companies.

    Outside of work, Matt is the Founder of myLifeLink, a free virtual community app to help those suffering from addiction. And, in his spare time, he enjoys coaching track and field and Little League baseball.

    Technical Requirements
    This webinar consisted of a 60-minute presentation, interactive polls and a question-and-answer session.
    You will receive informational emails with login instructions, handout materials and the recording.

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