Benchmarking Success: The Essential Guide for Group Practices, 2nd edition - e-book

A practice’s long-term success is directly related to its ability to identify, predict and adjust for changes. Benchmarking, when used properly, is the best tool for overcoming these challenges.

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Front Office Success, 2nd edition - e-book

Well-trained front office staff are a key to running a successful practice. Invest in your staff to deliver better results for your practice.

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PCMH Policies & Procedures Guidebook, 3rd edition - e-book

This step-by-step resource—provided in Adobe PDF, ePub and Microsoft Word files—is essential for understanding the NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition program. This resource is newly revised for the 2017 Standards and Guidelines.

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ACMPE Certification Exam Workbook, 4th edition - e-book

Written by experts to help maximize your exam preparation time, the ACMPE Certification Exam Workbook is everything you need to approach your exam with confidence.

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Navigating to Value in Healthcare - e-book

Leaders need new types of information, knowledge and skills in order to act quickly to successfully improve underperforming areas. This book helps frame that discussion and offers real-world solutions for your organization.

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It's Personal: The Art of Building Your Practice - e-book

This e-book provides you with tools to develop personal relationships with your patients, referring physicians and other providers in the community to help build your practice.

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Operating Policies and Procedures Manual for Medical Practices, 5th edition - e-book

Updated to reflect an office that is fully automated, this manual is designed for all medical practices regardless of organizational size, type or specialty mix.

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Optimizing Your Clinical Team, 2nd edition - e-book

A handy desk reference for addressing clinical issues and finding solutions for measuring and realizing efficiency in the office.

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Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next-Generation Managed Care Contracting - e

This e-book will help you develop a clear understanding of value-based reimbursement models and how they can work within your practice.

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Maximizing Performance Management - e-book

Successfully lead your team through organizational enhancements and improve performance.

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