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Leaders of healthcare delivery organizations must make the transition from volume- to value-based payment arrangements, which means transforming their organizations based on what patients truly value. While some pioneering health systems are well into the transition, most organizations are not, but need to be there soon in order to survive in the new payment environment.

The key is being able to identify essential information about outcomes that matter to patients and the costs associated with achieving those outcomes. Where data already exist, many healthcare leaders don't know how to find, retrieve, organize and leverage them for their needs.

Navigating to Value in Healthcare author Thom Walsh, PhD, creates an antidote for this situation. You’ll learn how to create systems and processes that help to leverage data and propel your organization’s transition to value-based care without being overwhelmed by this data.

You'll find valuable details on issues such as:

  • Using patient-reported measures to capture data that matter to patients
  • Integrating behavioral healthcare, implementing shared decision making and improving the patient experience
  • Employing fast and frugal cost-allocation techniques
  • Harnessing variation to spark process improvement
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of transformation efforts in the real world
  • Creating a governance and oversight structure to promote rapid organizational learning
  • Identifying the patients with the greatest ability to improve
Thom Walsh

Thom Walsh, PhD


Thom Walsh, PhD is the author of Finding What Matters Most to Patients (2019) and Navigating to Value in Healthcare (2017). He is an Adjunct Professor at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, an Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the Oxley College of Health Sciences at the University of Tulsa, and an independent consultant. 
His career began as a Physical Therapist with board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and sub-specialty training as a spine specialist. His clinical career spanned private practice and academic settings, including the development and launch of a multidisciplinary spine center at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Throughout that time, he was particularly interested in researching patient outcomes and the systems, processes, skills, and policies needed to continually improve them. These interests led him to earn an MS in Clinical Evaluative Sciences and a PhD in Health Policy from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.
Known as an excellent teacher and mentor, he draws on his clinical, research, and consulting experience to help people and organizations navigate a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Thom’s peer-reviewed and general audience articles on patient-reported outcomes, shared decision making, change management and leadership have appeared in numerous publications, including the BMJ, JAMA, Spine, The Journal of Healthcare Management, Forbes, The New America Foundation, and The Atlantic. In addition, Thom’s career was featured in the September 3, 2018 edition of Managed Care.
He enjoys hiking, running, cycling, reading, and he volunteers as a search and rescue specialist as well as with Team Rubicon, a disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • 1. Introduction: Building Value Into Healthcare Delivery
  • 2. Harnessing Variation to Drive Value Higher
  • 3. Where to Begin Looking for Value Opportunities
  • 4. How to Measure Value
  • 5. Creating Greater Value: The Significance of Microsystems
  • 6. Demonstrating Greater Value: Is the Signal Greater than the Noise?
  • 7. Communicating and Coordinating to Create Value Throughout an Organization
  • 8. Attributes of Successful Transformations to Value
  • 9. Examples of Transformations that Work in Creating Value
  • 10. Putting it All Together to Create Greater Value

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Chris Trimble, Adjunct Professor, Dartmouth College, and author of six books on innovation

“Walsh’s unique perspective arises from his wide-ranging experience innovating across healthcare disciplines… 25 years that extends from front-line service delivery to path breaking scholarship. This book is hard hitting and imminently practical.”

Victor M. Montori, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic and Chairman, The Patient Revolution

“In an uncertain landscape, Walsh equips healthcare leaders with a map, a flashlight, and courage. The map points at the power of expertise and data already available for most healthcare organizations. The flashlight uses the latest science of healthcare delivery to illuminate how to learn from variability, improve quality, and enhance value to patients. Leaders will also learn from Dr. Walsh’s courageous example of holding fast to his true north of careful and kind care for all.”

Ryan Bohy, Executive Director of OneHealth Nebraska

“The knowledge and experience Dr. Walsh shares in Navigating to Value has proven to be invaluable to our independent physician organization. With his help, our administrators have become convinced that better value is better business and our physicians have become more integrated. We are a stronger and more cohesive group with this knowledge and more confident in our ability to move forward during this era of rapid change.”

Doug Salvador, MD, MPH, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Baystate Medical Center

"With everyone talking about healthcare value and transformation it is easy to find so-called experts giving advice, but very few of those experts have actually used outcome measures that matter to patients and made changes to an organization based on results. Dr. Walsh's book connects the realities and challenges of delivering healthcare today with the organizational change theories the experts like to write about. Each chapter gives practical tools that will help you make meaningful change tomorrow. Written by someone who has done it, this is a must read for anyone wanting to do more than just talk about better value."


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