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Time-Keeping and Payroll Process Systems in a Physician Practice

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Molly E. Lacy RN, MB, FACMPE
Every physician practice requires a system to record employee hours worked as well as payroll processing. There are many legal facets to consider and multiple software systems to choose from to assist with legal compliance while improving efficiency. The time required to process payroll correctly varies depending on the number of employees in a practice, the frequency of pay, as well as resources available. Finding the right balance between the cost, time, and value of a system or software requires thought and research.

This paper will explore the process a Practice Administrator completed to determine specific needs and the best approach to implement a new system. Processes included a review of the legal aspects considered as well as suggestions on features to look for when exploring software systems.  Insight from interviews with accountants as well as research on technology currently available are included in this review.
The objective of this paper is to provide a framework for a Practice Administrator to find efficient timekeeping and payroll systems that are easy to use for both the administrator and employees. A key feature of the framework will include methods to identify systems that ensure all labor and tax laws are followed to prevent tax penalties and reduce the potential for lawsuits.
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Molly E. Lacy RN, MB, FACMPE