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Further education is becoming increasingly common in various industries, including healthcare. At some point, a medical practice executive may need to decide to go for further education. This paper presents some of the factors that a medical practice executive could consider when faced with making that decision, whether to advance his or her career through further education or to simply continue working. With the competition in the marketplace it is detrimental for any one, especially in this dynamic healthcare industry, to remain at a position for too long without any career improvement. The risk of redundancy, and being replaceable, is high and could lead to career suicide. Although the extent of the advancement will differ by individual and circumstance, the advancement is expedient and the goal of the education is advancement. This paper hopes that the medical practice executive in processing the information available, would arrive at the best possible choice which will be beneficial to his or her career, as well as other stake holders who may be affected by this decision. This study showed evidence that 8 out of 10 medical practice executives have considered advancing their career academically and in a healthcare care related program. This indicates a drive towards academic advancement within the industry and as a result, healthcare organizations that can create a culture where further education is encouraged will be more relevant in the marketplace.
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