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Leadership keys to overcoming toxic cultures in a medical practice


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Daniel Williams MBA, MSEM

In this episode of the MGMA Insider podcast, we talk with Deb Wiggs, FACMPE, founder of V2V Solutions (

Deb has been a leader in the healthcare industry since the late 70s when she got her start as a medical assistant for a small family practice. She soon transitioned to practice administration and helped establish a 45_ physician independent family practice and then moved into administering a public hospital district. Within two years, she turned around the organization, taking it from a $750,000 deficit to a savings of more than $1 million.

Throughout her career, Debra has played to her strengths as an agent of change, working in primary care as well as specialty clinics, hospital-owned practice networks and independent practices. She excelled via interim management roles that empowered staff, providers, and management through clarity and accountability. Her workflow improvements move organizations toward innovative business strategies.

In this episode, Deb talks about the disconnect many people have due to technology and she explains the problems of "hiding behind our technology" instead of having clear, concise discussions either over the phone or in person.

As she explains in one of her patented "Wiggisms", Deb says: "I have a golden rule, which is 'email and texting is for data, not for discussion.'

She says so much miscommunication can be cleared up by getting up and talking to people face to face (or at least over the phone).

She says at a medical practice, this behavior begins through leadership in the organization. When she consults with a medical practice, the first thing Deb asks is, "Have you looked in the mirror first, before asking others to take on this behavior? Are you walking your talk?"

She adds: "Are you using email as a way to have conversations that need to be more in-depth?"

Deb says it really is about communication--that's the way to alleviate the disconnect in an organization.

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Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams MBA, MSEM
Sr. Editor MGMA Englewood, Colorado

Daniel provides strategic content planning and development to engage healthcare professionals, managers and executives through e-newsletters, webinars, online events, books, podcasts and conferences. His major emphasis is in developing and curating relevant content in healthcare leadership and innovation that informs, educates and inspires the MGMA audience. You can reach Daniel at or 877.275.6462 x1298.


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