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Blockchain: Next-Generation Healthcare

Fellowship Paper

Electronic Health Records

Susan Krpata-Young FACMPE
Health management and administrative systems remain relatively untouched by technology and regulatory reform and stand ill-equipped to serve the current and future needs of their target population.  This exploratory paper will focus on discovering why the new emerging disruptive technology known as blockchain is expected to be the next-generation healthcare solution, and why capitalizing on this technology has the potential to connect fragmented systems to generate insights and to better assess the value of care.  Blockchain technology, while still nascent, is said to have untapped potential.  This paper looks at both the potential benefits and challenges of adopting distributed ledger technology in healthcare, especially as it relates to interoperability, claims adjudication, supply chain and longitudinal electronic health records (EHR).  While the perfect application of blockchain in healthcare seems futuristic, conversation around its potential must happen now.  Given the speed of advancement in blockchain technology, healthcare professionals would be wise to closely track new blockchain-related healthcare applications as researchers’ project that 55 percent of healthcare applications will have adopted blockchain for commercial deployment by 2025.
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Susan Krpata-Young FACMPE

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