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Launching Botox as a Service Line Summit Clinic – South Summit Family Medicine

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Kristin Summers FACMPE
Adding Botox as a cash-pay fee for service line of business at a busy family practice clinic has helped to increase revenue.  The number of patients seeking cosmetic Botox is increasing across all age demographics.  With media influences such as social media, reality TV, and celebrity endorsements, more and more patients are seeking Botox and other forms of cosmetic enhancements.  The average patient age seeking some form of cosmetic treatment is between 32-45 and is typically female.  According to USA Today, wrinkle treatments nationally in 2016 totaled 7 million procedures.  Census data for geographic locations was also used in creating this business plan.  Average net revenue per treatment is projected at $330.  Patients usually have two treatment areas per visit and these are repeated every 3-6 months.
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Kristin Summers FACMPE