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Disney, March Madness, the Grapefruit League and MPE23!

Podcast - March 1, 2023

Value-Based Operations


Provider Compensation

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This episode of the podcast features MGMA’s own Craig Wiberg, senior manager of digital events.

Wiberg previews next month's 2023 MPE: Financial and Operations Conference in Orlando March 19-21, which, for the first time, combines both topic areas in a single event. Wiberg talks about what to expect, which sessions to be sure to attend, and what attendees might do in their free time. He also discusses a new digital event, the MGMA Summit, happening early June 2023.

Editor’s note: the following Q&A has been edited for clarity and length.

Q: How did you build out this conference to engage both financial and operational audiences?

A: So that was one of the big challenges of putting this together. And I think what we came down to is: offer lots of different experiences. So, offer some very in-depth financial conference topics that really have a ton of practical guides (and) brand new information (like) bringing in new payer contracting strategies. ... And for the operations, kind of maybe as you would think: they like to network, and they like to talk with each other a little bit more and reflect upon the learning that's happening. So we've got topical areas and education sessions that are designed in that manner. It's hitting both kinds of adult learning types or styles, but one of the really cool things is that you don't have to choose which side you go to.

Q: What’s a session or two that you’re really excited about?

A: We chose our mainstage session with a gentleman called Matt Griswold and his partner Don Harkey, and they're talking about people-centric culture, but the topic itself is the importance of financial transparency for leadership and creating people-centric culture, and I think it really hits both those audiences very well. You know, we're setting targets and we're communicating benchmarks. And being transparent with that, it can only help the operations side. So it's a very interesting talk that kind of melds both of those worlds. And I think it's a great example of the conference as a whole - that all of these things need to work and you need to excel at both sides of them in order to find excellence in your medical practice. …
I think maybe the (session) that is a little bit off the topic, but it's our last mainstage on Tuesday, and it's with a woman named Henna Pryor who's going to be talking to us and her topic is “leaning into awkwardness.” So I think that's kind of fun; we all have awkward moments every day at work, right? So (Pryor) tries to reframe that as an opportunity for growth. So I'm really excited to hear what she has to say, because she's very engaging and very entertaining.

Q: When they’re not learning or networking, what can attendees do in Orlando?

A: Don't forget the Grapefruit League Baseball is right there. Check out the Braves or the Tigers within like a 20-minute drive. The great thing is that there's endless options. Literally, Disney is like a mile away. (You can) see it from the top of the Hyatt. But if you're not into Disney or you don't really want to travel too far, I think a great option is to take advantage of the Grand Cypress amenities. Several on-site restaurants are excellent, great seafood. But they've got some activities: They've got a little golf course; you can do some kayaking; you can rent some bikes; or you can just hang out by the pool. That's probably what I'm doing.

Q: MGMA has a digital conference happening in June, The MGMA Summit. What can you tell us about it?

A: (The MGMA Summit) is replacing our DX or digital conference. It's happening June 6-8; it's going to be three days; it's going to be full of all kinds of great content, much of it which is going to be from Orlando, but there's going to be a great deal that's exclusive to the Summit as well.
And to kind of tell the story of its evolution, (our digital conference model) sprung out of COVID - its origins are there. When we couldn't go on-site, we put up a big digital conference that was well attended. And then that kind of ran a cycle where we were doing a digital conference on the backend or in support of each of the face-to-face events. So as that interest has evolved and changed, we've seen a different group of people that actually go to digital versus face-to-face. So we decided to uncouple them, if you will. And now this is standing on its own … and is now the largest digital conference that we are producing each year. And we intend to do that on an annual cycle.


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