Flourish or fold? ACMPE Fellow explores the role of small practices in changing landscape

By Shannon Geis, MA
June 27, 2017
Body of Knowledge Domain(s): Organizational Governance

After Anne Zaccheo’s position was eliminated at the health insurance organization where she worked, she turned to medical practice management. Because she was new to the practice management field, she turned to ACMPE for guidance. “It was a very difficult transition going from a corporate environment to really overseeing a small business with the complexity of medical, legal, finance,” Zaccheo says. 

Zaccheo, MBA, FACMPE, MGMA member, practice director, Nephrology Associates of Syracuse, N.Y., says that getting involved with MGMA helped her to make a successful transition, particularly access to MGMA Government Affairs. “I think if I didn’t have that support – because it can be a very lonely job at a practice – that that was helpful, because I felt like these folks were experts and they were really able to help me in my individual questions,” she says. 

Zaccheo obtained certification and then immediately pursued her ACMPE Fellowship. For her fellowship paper, she focused on the current changes in the healthcare industry and whether there is a place for small, independent practices in a constantly shifting landscape. “I started to try to really, in as practical way as possible, to look at what are the attributes of successful practices and what things other people should consider so you can, as a small practice, stay financial viable and successful, and how do you possibly manage all of this change,” she says.

Some of Zaccheo’s key factors for success include: 

  • Improve your practice’s ability to measure, track and report on quality data. 
  • Look for opportunities to work with ACOs and clinically integrated networks.
  • Invest in physician leadership.
  • Explore new technologies and maximize the technologies you have.  

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the research Zaccheo did to earn her Fellowship through ACMPE.  

Check out Zaccheo’s full paper, “Survival of the Small Medical Practice in the Evolving American Health Care System: Flourish or Fold?” and read the work of other recent fellows in the most recent issue of Executive View. Learn more about you can obtain your certification or Fellowship through ACMPE. 

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Shannon Geis, MA, Staff writer/editor, MGMA

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