Understanding your practice’s weaknesses is the first step to improvement

By Shannon Geis, MA
August 15, 2017

Healthcare is a constantly shifting industry, and many organizations are making changes to keep up with new technologies and regulations. But before you start making changes to your practice, you should assess where your organization stands on several different factors, says Susan A. Murphy, MBA, PhD, president, Business Consultants Group, Rancho Mirage, Calif., in this episode of MGMA Small Talk.

“It’s more important than ever that we continuously stay alert to changes needed for every system in the ongoing practice – we need to find out where we are right now,” she explains. She recommends having everyone on staff fill out an assessment of the organization honestly and anonymously. (You can see an example of Murphy’s assessment in her article, “Assess the health of your medical practice,” in the August issue of MGMA Connection magazine.)

“When you are in a leadership role, it can be quite difficult to receive accurate information about how things are going,” she says. “An anonymous assessment like this one can help get you some honest feedback. Otherwise some team members won’t tell you, because they are either afraid of repercussions or they think you already know and have chosen not to do anything about that aspect.”

Once you have a better sense of where your practice stands, it will be easier to set measurable goals for improving your organization, she explains. Murphy also recommends making sure that the goals fit with your organization’s mission statement and purpose, which she says should be ubiquitous around the office.

“I encourage my clients to display their mission statement in their offices, just right there in the front room, on their bills and even printed on the back of their business cards so it will be ever-present,” she says.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about making your meetings more efficient and the ways gender roles can affect how your staff interact.  

View Murphy’s recent webinar, “Gender Intelligence: Recognizing and Valuing Our Differences,” available now on demand. Murphy explores more topics on medical practice performance in her book, Maximizing Performance Management, 2nd Edition.

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Shannon Geis, MA, Staff writer/editor, MGMA

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