Medical Practice Today: What members have to say


Top management challenges identified by MGMA members in our seventh annual Medical Practice Today: What members have to say research.

July Connexion


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How do we decide which challenges are most pressing? We use three different indexes to examine the data:

Applicability index

Members responding to the questionnaire can indicate when a specific challenge is not applicable to their situation. So the applicability percentage showcases how many of our members are dealing with a given challenge.

Intensity metric

We ask members to classify (along a five-point scale) how big of a challenge they consider each issue, from "no challenge at all" to "extreme challenge." Challenges categorized as "considerable" and "extreme" are considered intense challenges, so the intensity index measures how many of our members classify a given challenge as "intense."

Applicability-weighted intensity (AWI) index

We consider this the best of both worlds: We examine both the applicability and the intensity metrics to examine which challenges top the charts for our members. Challenges that top the list are the most extreme challenges and are also applicable to the largest number of our members.